Greenville Tech Foundation Celebrates 50 Years of Impact in 2023

The Greenville Tech Foundation was established in 1973 to support Greenville Technical College’s mission of transforming students’ lives and helping the community thrive. This is achieved by providing a world-class, affordable education to students and building an educated, engaged workforce committed to life-long learning.

Throughout 2023, the Foundation will highlight individuals and organizations that have been a significant part of dreaming, building, collaborating, and funding initiatives to bring the best in education, hands-on training, and career preparation to students at Greenville Technical College. Their collective work and investments have changed the lives of countless individuals in the Upstate, throughout South Carolina, and beyond.

“Many of our students are first-generation college students, and many must also balance the demands of jobs and family while working to complete their academic programs,” said Ann Wright, Greenville Tech Foundation VP for Advancement. “Every gift to the Foundation allows us to help students overcome obstacles that get in the way of achieving their dreams of completing their education. Every gift has the power to change the course of these students’ lives.”

Beyond sharing the Greenville Tech Foundation’s rich history and recognizing those who’ve had a hand in its success, the Foundation will host a 50th Anniversary Celebration on Friday, October 27th. This event serves to both commemorate the Foundation’s golden 50-year milestone and to reflect on the collective impact created by visionary leaders of the past and present.

“We are very fortunate to have had excellent leaders, dedicated board members, and generous donors over the past five decades as the Greenville Tech Foundation has worked to remove financial barriers to higher education,” said Dr. Keith Miller, president of Greenville Technical College. “It is a pleasure to celebrate all of these individuals and to recognize the contributions they have made to the college and our students.”

The Greenville Tech Foundation works to see that Education Empowers Everyone. Proceeds from the 50th Anniversary Celebration will provide unrestricted funds in support of Greenville Technical College and its students as they work towards their own limitless futures.

“We look forward to recognizing all those who have been instrumental to the growth and impact the Foundation has had over the past 50 years,” said David Sudduth, Greenville Tech Foundation Board Chair. “We hope you will join us in October as we celebrate this golden milestone and look ahead towards a limitless future — for the college and its students.”

The Foundation is currently seeking sponsors and selling individual sponsor packages for this event. To view sponsorship opportunities or for more information, please visit the event page on Greenville Tech Foundation’s website at: Please also be sure to visit the news section throughout the year as the Foundation shares remarkable and inspiring stories from its five-decade-long history.

About Greenville Tech Foundation:

Established in 1973, the Foundation provides financial support to both the college and its students beyond state and local funding sources. These funds are accessed through charitable contributions from businesses, industries, foundations, organizations, and individuals in our community. The Greenville Tech Foundation team believes in the power of community and equity to give everyone the opportunity to pursue their dreams in higher education at an affordable price. Its mission is to transform the lives of students and help the community thrive by providing a world-class, affordable education. To learn more, visit