Defining the Need

The cost of attending Greenville Technical College, including tuition, books, and supplies, comes to about $4,000 per year for a full-time student. For many of our students, scholarships make the difference in furthering their formal education.

At the Foundation, we offer over 200 scholarships ranging from major specific to state specific. Unfortunately, state assistance has fallen from 62% to 16% of the college’s operating budget which has increased the price of tuition. The existing scholarship funds through the Foundation are limited and just two percent of students receive them.

When you invest in the Foundation, you invest in students and our community. Highly educated people earn more annually which bolsters our economic development and leads to a higher per capita income for the Upstate. Together, we’re funding the next generation.

Real Impact

Success Across the Board


approximate amount of tuition covered by lottery tuition assistance


is the average cost of books and supplies not covered by most tuition assistance


of graduates stay in the Upstate – scholarship support aids in building our local workforce

This scholarship has helped take the burden of the cost off my mother and helped put a smile on her face to know that her firstborn son will be able to attend college.

– Shannon M.

This scholarship has taken a tremendous burden off us. I do currently have a student loan, but last semester it was not nearly enough to pay for the expenses of my school supplies. I had to get a small loan from a family member to buy the rest of the materials I needed for my clinical rotations. Having been awarded the scholarship is certainly a blessing. I won’t have any problems paying for my school supplies this semester.

– Jessica H.

I need to finish the education that I once started and to keep the promise I made to myself and my parents. It has taken me 35 years to decide what I want to be, and that is definitely an RN. I am very close to that dream coming true, thanks to you.

– Anita M.

Investing now will
have a ripple effect

By establishing an endowed scholarship, you’re investing in new opportunities, lasting legacy, and a brighter tomorrow. These scholarships are an investment into a better future and empower motivated students through financially accessible education. Investing now will have a ripple effect to last for generations to come.

provide quality college education

positive impact on a student’s future