Funding Your Journey

Scholarships can mean all the difference while you pursue higher education. When it comes to funding students like you, our donors and sponsors make dreams come true. The Foundation offers over 200 scholarships enabling a wide variety of students to pursue their passion in multiple subject areas.

Past Students

Scholarships Come to Life

I currently work two jobs seven days a week to support myself, pay for school and save for my future educational ambitions, so any financial advantage I can get is greatly appreciated. To me, [this scholarship] means one less monetary issue to worry about, which allows me to focus on maintaining my 4.0 GPA.

– Cody B.

At the time you helped me, I was a single mom trying to get into school and dealing with the challenge of receiving only $152 a month in child support. I was unable to find a job that would allow me to attend classes and still be a good mother. The aid you offered was a godsend. I pray that someday I am the nurse who comforts you when you need someone to care for you. If your goal was to make a difference, then: mission accomplished.

– Cassie S.

This scholarship I have been awarded means so much to me, and if I had 10,000 tongues I could not thank you enough. I am a single mother raising two daughters, and this scholarship will help me to continue on reaching for the best and focus on making all A’s, and a better life for me and my daughters.

– Sheila G.

Foundation Scholarships

With over 200 scholarships available to students, the Foundation is able to tailor scholarships depending on the various needs and majors of students.

To be eligible students:

  • Must apply or be enrolled in a Greenville Tech accredited certificate, diploma or associate degree curriculum program of the student’s choice.
  • Must have the current year (2023-24) FAFSA information on file with the Office of Financial Aid at GTC by the application due-date with a determined financial need.
  • Must demonstrate academic achievement by finishing with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for previous high school and/or college academic work.

If you meet the above criteria, and have received your GTC4me login information, the last step is to complete the Greenville Tech Foundation scholarship application by May 12th. Please note: you need to use Google Chrome as your browser to complete the application.

Applications will be screened and reviewed by a team of Greenville Tech faculty and staff.  Scholarship recipients will receive notification in late June/early July.  Typically, scholarship awards are divided evenly between Fall and Spring semesters.

For additional information, please contact Foundation Manager, Ginger Mauney, at 864-250-8497 or [email protected].

Apply for a scholarship

The scholarship portal for academic year 2023-24 opens February 2, 2023. It will remain open until May 12, 2023 for awards given during the 2023-24 academic year.