Tyrone Wright

Support: AAMSI

Major: Nursing

Tyrone’s journey to a nursing degree began in 2008. Now, 12 years later, he is a Greenville Technical College graduate as of May 2021!

Tyrone started at the University of South Carolina and transferred to Greenville Technical College as a more affordable option. He worked three jobs to save some money before applying for GTC’s Nursing program because he knew he’d have to cut his work hours to be able to focus on school. After being injured on the job, Tyrone received support from GTC’s Student Disability Services Office and the African American Male Scholars Initiative (AAMSI). “The extra support took the stress off and helped me through,” says Tyrone, “During COVID, AAMSI’s virtual components and check-ins kept me connected, like we’re a family.”

For Tyrone, AAMSI provides a sense of belonging, reassurance that someone is there to support him, financial assistance with required items for class, and helps keep him on track. A key lesson he has learned is to always give back to others when you are able because “like the Good Book says, ‘there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.’ So I learned to give wherever I can to help others improve.”