Paula Argoe

Support: Scholarship

Major: Human Services

Simply Put

“If I had to give one word to describe myself, I would say helpful. I am always willing to help because people have helped me get to where I am today. Some ways I help are by being an active listener, being a sponsor/mentor, encouraging others, and helping my peers see the silver lining instead of focusing on the cloud. I love giving back.”

Building Resilience

“I have overcome a myriad of mental illnesses and am a functioning, self-supporting, well-adjusted contributor to those around me. When others would have given up, I have continued to press forward and seek counseling and other mental health services. I am not defined by any diagnosis, but by who I am.”

GTC: The Right Choice for Me

” I chose to attend Greenville Technical College because of its cost, convenience, online options, and reputation. So far, I enjoyed my English 101 class the most.”

Personal Impact

“I was ecstatic when I r/c the email about be awarded a scholarship. Paying for college, books, and the cost of living is always a struggle for me. This scholarship will definitely make it easier for me to attend college this year and focus on my classes.”

Future in Focus

“As I mentioned above, I would like to become a Resident Care Specialist for Jasmine Road or a Care Coordinator for Front Porch Housing. I would love the opportunity to give back.”

Education Empowers Everyone

“I want to get my Human Services degree so that I can give back to the women of Jasmine Road. I would love to be a Resident Care Specialist.”

Thank You for Your Investment in Me

“Thank so so much. I am truly grateful and appreciative for this opportunity to receive funds to help me further my education. I have dreams and goals that my degree will help me accomplish and without your support, that would be much harder.”