Jolley Foundation

“It touches my heart, but it also touches my head because I was an educator. I traveled all over the country assessing programs like AAMSI and I can say that this program is using best practices, but it’s also leading with its heart and caring for African American males.”
– Jolley Christman, Jolley Foundation Trustee

The Jolley Foundation has been one of Greenville Technical College’s most ardent and generous supporters for more than 20 years.  The Jolley Foundation’s mission of advancing efforts to eliminate the root causes and effects of poverty and discrimination is a clear fit for the college’s mission of transforming lives through education.  The Jolley Foundation’s support of over $645,000 has been instrumental in the success of our students through the Jolley Family Scholarship, Bridges to a Brighter Future Endowed Scholarship, Health Sciences and Machine Tool Technology equipment purchases, and student emergency funds.  In the words of a Jolley Family Scholarship recipient, “It is because of the investment that you made into the students of Greenville Tech that gives those who might not be able to afford higher education a fighting chance to compete in the world.”  The Jolley Foundation continues to be a champion for our students by providing financial support to achieve economic mobility through education.