Japera Perry

Support: Scholarship | Student Emergency Needs

Major: Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, Associate in Applied Science

Simply Put

“If I had to give one word to describe myself it would be determined. I would choose determined because when I truly want something I am persistent until I get it. I will not stop until I achieve the goal or whatever the situation may be as if it was destined for me.”

Building Resilience

“Two years ago my heart stopped for 11 seconds. I had heart surgery and had a pacemaker. Since then I have looked at life from a different point of view. I consider this surgery as my biggest obstacle in life because I could have given up, but instead, I keep pushing for a better life.”

GTC: The Right Choice for Me

“I am new to South Carolina. Greenville Tech is the first and only school I learned about. I have been taking online classes and it is a good fit for me as I have minimal help with my child. This past semester, Dr. Herbert Strange was my favorite instructor as he built a relationship with his students.”

Personal Impact

“Honestly, I cried happy tears. These past few semesters have been free tuition so to know that I had to pay for this upcoming fall semester I was a bit nervous I was going to be purged. Knowing that I have received this it has now lifted some weight off of my shoulders for sure. I’m thankful and blessed.”

Future in Focus

“I would like to be successful in the ultrasound program and work with a cardiologist performing echocardiograms. Long term I would like to possibly open my own ultrasound clinic.”

Education Empowers Everyone

“My life has changed dramatically as I had heart surgery and became pregnant a few months apart. Those two events made me want to re-educate myself and better myself.”

Thank You for Your Investment in Me

“I cannot express how thankful I am. After the ups and downs I’ve experienced the past 2 years I was super thankful to receive free tuition this past year and to turn around and receive this award when I had anticipated having to pay has lifted tremendous weight off of my shoulders. I’ve been struggling with simple bills at home so to know I won’t pay that much this fall is satisfying.”