Daniel Clark

Support: Scholarship

Major: BAS Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Simply Put

“I would describe myself as Driven. I have always had some difficulty to get through to accomplish my goals. I have always pushed myself a little harder to accomplish my goals. One way I do this is by doing the best I can in college because I didn’t always try my hardest in high school and it really makes me feel good to do well in college while working a full-time job.”

Building Resilience

” I had to deal with the loss of both my parents before I graduated high school. This was extremely hard for me because I lost my Dad when I was 10. After that everything seemed to be different but normal with just one parent and then my mom got diagnosed with cancer and passed away when I was 15. The loss of both my parents is the hardest obstacle I had to overcome to get to where I am today.”

GTC: The Right Choice for Me

“I enjoy the hands-on aspect of the different lab classes I have taken. I enjoy learning hands-on rather than more traditional methods of instruction.”

Personal Impact

“It is a very big help in pursuing my degree. I am very thankful for having the finial assistance to help with the cost of school.”

Future in Focus

“I plan to work up to a management position within a manufacturing company after I complete my BAS degree at Greenville Tech.”

Education Empowers Everyone

” I have learned that working full-time and going to school is no easy path by any means. Doing both simultaneously has taught me the importance of time management and also have to have determination.”

Thank You for Your Investment in Me

“I am very grateful for your contributions to my education at Greenville Tech. This scholarship will help me be successful with my future endeavors at Greenville Tech.”