Cindy and Jerry Larson

Established the Jerry K. and Cynthia M. Larson Endowed Scholarship

“Our avid support of the Greenville Tech Foundation took firm root as we began to realize how effectively a Greenville Tech education provides students an opportunity for a better life. We have heard students’ heartfelt stories of the challenges they overcame and their enthusiastic outlook for their future. Understanding the impact a Greenville Tech education has on its students has led us to establish an endowed scholarship and to continue our annual support of the Foundation.

“The pandemic has added to the challenges faced by many students as they struggle with their education. Job loss and the resulting financial pressures are a major threat to a student’s ability to stay in school. Support of the student emergency fund makes all the difference for students who desperately want to keep their education on track.

“Many of us have at some time in our lives benefitted from the empathy and support of someone else. It was their act of encouragement that helped make our way forward possible. We are both recipients of college scholarships and financial assistance and are grateful for what our educations have meant to us. We agree that throughout a lifetime, you never stop saying thank you.”