Lockheed Martin creates skilled workforce by supporting Greenville Technical College

After receiving a $50,000 gift from Lockheed Martin for its Aircraft Maintenance Technology program, Greenville Technical College has named a classroom at its aviation center “The Lockheed Martin Fabrication Lab.” The aviation center is shared by the college and the South Carolina Army National Guard and is part of the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC), where the Lockheed Martin Greenville facility is also located.

The Aircraft Maintenance Technology program at Greenville Technical College is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Veterans Administration and provides students with the technical, mechanical, and academic skills needed to become aircraft maintenance technicians. In the Lockheed Martin Fabrication Lab, students learn sheet metal and structural maintenance skills for jobs as sheet metal technicians in the aviation industry.

Lockheed Martin has supported the Aircraft Maintenance Technology program and the college in a variety of ways for more than two decades, including providing more than $400,000 in charitable contributions. Some of these donations have been used for an endowed scholarship fund, which has provided nearly 90 scholarships to date, removing financial hurdles for students seeking to enter the aviation maintenance industry. A 2014 gift helped to create campus-based centers where veterans can gather and study. New tools and equipment purchased with the funds have helped take the program to the next level and better prepare students for required testing.

In addition to its financial contributions, Lockheed Martin has partnered with the college to develop and implement a two-week pre-apprenticeship training program that the company is using to meet workforce needs in aircraft sustainment and production operations, including its new F-16 fighter jet production line. By utilizing a cognitive and hands-on curriculum, students in the program learn skills in the classroom and apply them on the job at Lockheed Martin.

The program’s first cohort was in 2020, and it resulted in three students gaining entry-level positions at Lockheed Martin. This year, Lockheed Martin is targeting to have 60 students complete the training, gaining the needed qualifications and experience to begin work in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries.

“Lockheed Martin is growing, and with that growth comes a greater need to create a pipeline of skilled job candidates,” said Ann Wright, vice president for advancement with the Greenville Tech Foundation. “The company has worked closely with the college to address specific training requirements, growing a skilled workforce together, and ensuring, through their continued generosity, that the college has the latest training tools and students receive the highest quality education.”

“Our long-standing partnership with the college is critical to the future of our workforce, and we are thrilled to have that partnership officially recognized with the naming of the Lockheed Martin Fabrication Lab,” said Kim Howard, vice president of F-16 Production Operations at Lockheed Martin. “In this classroom, students learn foundational aviation skills and Lockheed Martin apprentices complete their certification exams, so the name fits perfectly with our focus on helping these students get the tools and experience they need to have successful careers in the industry, hopefully at Lockheed Martin.”

Lockheed Martin is actively hiring at its Greenville site and offering $15,000 sign-on bonuses for all hourly roles and relocation incentives for select roles. To learn more, visit LockheedMartinJobs.com/greenville.